Revolutionizing Healthcare Data in Emerging Markets

We provide real-time, primary data for pharmaceutical, medical device and insurance companies in emerging markets to better target their end users.

Real-time Data:

We aggregate and structure

primary healthcare data to

provide you with real-time


AI-Powered SaaS:

Serving Pharmaceuticals,

Medical Devices, Clinics, and


Data Safety:

Our product complies with

regulatory requirements to

ensure patient data safety.

Our Journey

Founded by a team with vast experience in 

Biomedical, ASEAN/MENA markets, and

government, Sage Health was created to

address the massive data gap in the

healthcare industry, especially in emerging markets.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of real-time healthcare data insights, helping businesses make informed decisions and improving patient outcomes.


Douglas Corley

Produced >$350M in value for clients entering Asia markets.

Built 9-figure medical supply chain business.

Shahroze Khan
CPO Head of BD for MENA

Biotech exit (8 figure)

Advised Pakistan government on innovation investment, generated 15x ROI in 2 years.


For Clinics:

Clinical data for decision-

making and improved patient


For Pharma and Med Device

Targeted sales opportunities

based on real-time market

insights. This helps businesses

understand market penetration

and potential opportunities.

For Governments:

Real-time primary data that

can inform healthcare policies

and strategies in emerging


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